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College Student
House Targaryen
This is my personal blog.Expect anything that catches my fancy, including porn. I post crafting, fangirl-esque things (not crazy fangirling..pretty moderate), things I'm passionate about. I'm a major mental heath advocate, also body positive. This is a safe zone. I'm into small business on the side of my daily life, you can find a link to my store on this blog. I'm in the process of loving myself and having a healthy outlook on life, so there will be ups and downs. Daenerys Targaryen, Ninth Doctor and Marceline/Marshall Lee enthusiast. There will also be personal posts and pictures.I'm using this blog as personal space for me, since I don't have much at home. I welcome some small talk or a light debate. Feeling feisty? Feel free to talk to me. I love meeting new people.

This blog is NSFW. I do not follow back for reasons onther than I find you or your blog interesting. If you wish for me to follow you back and I haven't, just ask. Sometimes I don't see when I get new followers

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whitemask replied to your post: whitemask replied to your post: whitemask replied…

its on my netflix waiting for me to get around to it

Well what are you waiting for? What else are you watching on there?

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  1. i-wont-be-your-winter said: stargate sg1 right now
  2. msstormageddonrulerofall posted this